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Caneel Bay – Paradise as It was Indended

Caneel Bay - St-John

Caneel Bay

Caneel Bay is a Rosewood Resort located on the northwest side of St. John, one of the US Virgin Islands. The island of St. John is a treasure trove of tropical jungle and enticing enclaves. It was once the playpen of gazillionaire Lawrence Rockefeller, who fell in love with this lush land in the 1920s. The resort takes its name from the location of the property at Caneel Bay (Caneel means cinnamon in old Dutch). Rockefeller was so impressed by the area’s beauty that he arranged to buy up most of the island of St. John. He then donated most of it to the U.S. government for the creation of the Virgin Islands National Park, the 29th U.S. national park. Rockefeller had the resort buildings designed to blend in with the landscape, giving the area a pristine beauty, and most property lighting is indirect so that guests can be able to see the stars at night. The beach vacation resort steal remains faithful to the vision of founder Laurance Rockefeller and his reverence for the environment.