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Top Mediterranean Cities You Never Thought About

When you think Mediterranean holidays, the places that first come to mind is Alicante with its funky beach parties or the rich and famous luxury nests in St. Tropez, but it’s actually much more to uncover. Sending waves of fame to the shores of not less than three continents, the Mediterranean Sea highlights cities and countries you probably never considered on your must-travel list, but which definitely rebrand the cosmopolitanism and give you hot ideas for your next holiday.

Split, Croatia



Big and buzzing, with great landscape of mountain and sea, Split is the second largest city in Croatia, a vibrant port at the Mediterranean and a perfect start point for exploring the dazzling coastal pathway. This is the place to follow the Romans traces in Croatia, crowned by the superb Diocletian Palace, today part of UNESCO World Heritage. You can call the city anyhow, but not charming and idyllic, as Split is more defined by the hustle and bustle of a big metropolis, with a impressing historic background and great views.

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