Top 10 Emerging Luxury Destinations 

Maldives Luxury Vacation


1 Maldives Luxury Holiday

Sun, sea and sand are the three ingredients behind the Maldives’ success.

Boasting a huge range of luxury resorts, an abundance of water sports and fun-filled excursions for all ages, the Maldives can offer an exotic beach holiday like no other.

If romance, relaxation or sun-worshipping are your main aims for your holiday, you can’t go far wrong with the Maldives.


Dubai Luxury Vacation

Dubai at night

2. Dubai Luxury Holiday

Home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the world and with a constantly changing skyline, Dubai is a fast-paced desert destination with a twist.

Where else in the world would you be able to shop, ski and dine all under the same roof? And the plans for this
mega-city are ever-expanding. From theme parks to sports centres, soon Dubai will encompass everything that we love about our favourite holiday destinations within striking distance of one another.

So sit back, sunbathe and take a sip of your cocktail while it all unfolds around you….

Egypt  Holiday


3. Egypt Luxury Holiday

Offering an eclectic mix of either historical exploration or sun-soaked beach holiday, Egypt is a year-round destination that caters to many tastes.

From the family-friendly Red Sea resorts to the wow factor of some of the world’s most famous sights, the two ends of the spectrum couldn’t be more different.

Whichever part of this fascinating country you decide to visit, you are guaranteed not to leave disappointed.


Greece Luxury Holiday


4. Greece Luxury Holiday

Sun baked streets, tavernas serving fresh seafood and meze platters, friendly smiles from every passing local….steeped in historical culture, Greece is a feast for the senses.

Continuously trying to shake off its reputation as solely a beach holiday destination, Greece can offer visitors a multitude of sights, good food and wine and friendly atmospheres, all wrapped up in a lovely climate and luxury hotels.

Barbados Luxury Holiday


5. Barbados Luxury Holiday

Slip into the Barbadian way of life and relax on the beach with a cocktail in hand, watching the world go by.

You will not receive a warmer welcome than on these shores, and the level of service and facilities are amongst some of the best in the Caribbean.

If what you crave from your next holiday is more than just a relaxing beach scene, Barbados can deliver on all fronts.

Thailand Luxury vacation

Pimali Resort Krabi - Thailand


6. Thailand Luxury Holiday

Famous for its cuisine, its massages and its culture, Thailand is full of wonderful experiences which will ensure that you are both surprised and delighted in equal measure.

Whether you are looking for spiritual enlightenment or a luxury holiday with a twist, the juxtaposition of traditional and modern in this fascinating country will ensure that you will go home with memories you will never forget.


 Mauritius Luxury Vacation


7. Mauritius Luxury Holiday

Luxury beach resorts do not come much classier than this. From Michelin-starred eateries to exotic spas, the hotels themselves set the trend for the rest of the island.

Whether you are looking for timeless elegance or trendy and contemporary, you will be able to find accommodation in Mauritius to suit your own personal style.

Try your hand at star-spotting as you sip your exotic cocktails by the pool.


Spain Luxury Vacation


 8.Spain Luxury Holiday

Boasting sunny climes, a range of championship golf courses, first class hotels and a number of historical excursions, Spain is far from your average bucket-and-spade holiday.

The sunny disposition of the locals is almost as warming as the weather, and the resort facilities are often in such abundance that to leave the grounds would be considered a crime.

With long golden beaches and delicious cuisine served in street-side cafes, Spain is an ideal luxury short haul destination.


Cyprus Luxury Vacation



9.Cyprus Luxury Holiday

Hazy summer days and long, relaxed evenings are always top of the bill in Cyprus.

With gorgeous stretches of beach, delicious eateries and luxury hotel resorts in abundance here, you will find that relaxing will be more fun than ever before. Cobbled streets, quaint houses and interesting markets are just waiting to be discovered at every turn, so what are you waiting for?


Malaysia Luxury Vacation Palms



10.Malaysia Luxury Holiday

The ‘Land of Contrasts’, Malaysia is undoubtedly one of the most sought after holiday destinations in South-Asia. It’s a land that boasts of gleaming skyscrapers, heritage quarters and offers unforgettable experiences to visitors who come to explore its magical landscape. No wonder innumerable tourists search for cheap Malaysia flights each year to experience a land that is famous the world over for its serene beaches and enchanting natural beauty.

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