Exploring Canada 

So often grouped together with its southern neighbour, the vast and unique country of Canada is shamefully underappreciated – and unvisited. The second largest country in the world, it’s a land of unimaginable space and the kind of unspoiled countryside that takes your breath away. A masterpiece of remote wildernesses, cosmopolitan cities and stunning mountains, Canada is a prime destination for luxury travel adventures.

Take Off in Toronto



Both multi-cultural and uniquely Canadian at the same time, the city of Toronto is a haven for the artistic community in Canada. Alongside the literary events, galleries and theatre performances sits the famed Toronto International Film Festival. This red carpet event is a star-studded spectacle that transforms the city every September – and where better to begin a luxury travel experience of Canada than at this glitzy event?The shopping is as wonderful as the culture and cuisine is almost overwhelmingly global – take your pick from the Italian, Korean, Malaysian and Indian restaurants which crowd the streets. If urban living isn’t quite your thing, there are still plenty of rural options here, too. Escape to the city’s many leafy parks or take a day trip to Niagara and gaze at the falls – then sample from the local vineyards on your way back.

Move on to Montreal


Another metropolis worth a visit in Canada is Montreal. So very different from – and less powerful than -Toronto, Montreal has a very French flavour. This European intrigue and charm has made Montreal a 24 hour city – by day, enjoy food and fun that could rival Paris and as night falls, party through till dawn with the very energetic club scene.






Go Wild in the Park

Banff & Jasper-National-Park


Canada is about far more than cities though – and the Banff & Jasper National Parks show just how spectacular the scenery can be. Like an almost too perfect postcard, these vast areas of lakes, glaciers and mountains are a tribute to an age-old version of the world; one which existed millennia before people began to develop the land. There’s nothing to do here except appreciate the beauty of nature, and then retreat back to your luxury lodge to contemplate the views you’ve just experienced.




Get Mysterious in the Charlottes

Queen Charlotte Islands-Canada

The magical Queen Charlotte Islands are home to some of the world’s most unique flora and fauna – earning the nickname of Canada’s Galapagos Islands. For those that take the trip, they open up yet another aspect of Canada and a window into the soul of the Haida people and their lost culture. Populated by more sea lions, eagles and blue whales than people, these islands captivate every visitor to land on their shores.

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