Australia Luxury Vacation – A Luxury Vacation Like No Other 

Traveling to Australia might be a long journey, but it is one of the most ideal places to take a vacation with the family or for a romantic trip for two. The sights in Australia are some of the most beautiful in all the world.  This state is home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Australia also has an impressive selection of resorts for vacationers that provide you with all of the luxuries that you want to pamper you on your trip.

hamilton island

Hamilton Island Luxury Vacation

In Australia there are almost 75 islands but only eight of those islands are populated. The most developed island of the eight is Hamilton Island. This island has its own airport, several hotel options, and many luxury hotels and villas are available. Hamilton Island is a great place to spend your Australia luxury vacation. There is also Whitsunday Island which is essentially the largest island of the entire chain. On the island you will find Whitehaven Beach, which is known to be one of the most spectacular beaches in the world. Many people who visit Australia have Whitehaven Beach on their checklist of places that must be visited. The beach stretches for approximately 5 miles and the sands are pure white. This is also a great area for some good food and great shopping experiences.

What should you visit on your luxury trip to Australia? Check the list and have a great time on your next luxury vacation in Australia.

1. Sydney

sydney luxury hotels Shangri La

Sydney Shangri La



Often considered by many to be Australia’s real main city – rather than the capital Canberra – Sydney is overflowing with things to see and do. If views are your thing, catch a ferry from Circular Quay to Cremorne Point and marvel back at the city skyline. If you would rather enjoy the sights from the comfort of your 5-star hotel, booking a room at one of Sydney’s downtown lavish hotels – like the Shangri-La overlooking the harbour – is a must.



2. East Coast

australia east coast

Hamilton Island Luxury Resorts


Although a firm contender on the backpacker trail, Australia’s East Coast is also home to mile upon mile of luxurious hotels and resorts just waiting to take the weight off your feet. Nestled along the coastline from Sydney in the south to Cape Tribulation in the north, indulgence is never far away. For the ultimate in remote retreats, Hamilton Island has long been offering all the staples of luxury travel from soft fluffy towels to pampering sessions in the resorts spa.



3. Melbourne

melbourne australia yarra

Yarra River Melbourne


A metropolitan mecca, Melbourne is abuzz with every kind of everything. A melting pot of eco travel and luxury travel, boutique boltholes are scattered around the city from the beaches of St Kilda to the hip areas of Fitzroy and Carlton and into the downtown central area and along the Yarra River.





4. Perth

perth australian flag

Perth Australia


Taking the crown as the hub of Australia’s quieter, but stunningly beautiful, west coast, Perth is still a firm fave for the luxury traveller. From villas with ocean views on Rottnest Island to eco lodges on the outskirts of the city, relaxing and putting your feet up is par for the course in this town. What Perth lacks in close proximity to other cities, it most definitely gains in having its finger well and truly on the pulse as far as treating yourself is concerned.




5.The Outback

australian wildness

Australia Outback



The epicenter of Australia, the Outback is not only home to the country’s most remote wilderness but it also has some of the most luxurious accommodation you will find. Deluxe safari-esq tented cabins are just one way to enjoy a night of sleeping out under the stars.




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