Hotel Intercontinental – Tahiti Island 

Intercontinental Tahiti Resort

Intercontinental Tahiti is a delightful oceanfront resort on the west coast of Tahiti with the nicest overwater bungalows on the main island and several pleasant artificial beach settings and lagoonarium. The large reception area offers a balcony with sweeping views over the ocean and towards Moorea.






Intercontinental Tahiti Resort

There’s one huge swimming pool in front of the hotel and another smaller pool fronting the ocean. The hotel boasts one of the best Polynesian dance performances in tahiti islands, and there are two restaurants, one under the main reception and a small intimate dining experience in an overwater setting.






View from Intercontinental Tahiti Resort

Hotel Rooms are located within ten 3-storey hotel blocks, all fully air-conditioned. Garden Rooms are located at the far end of the property in landscaped gardens behind the Lagoon View Rooms which all face the ocean. Panoramic Rooms are located in two hotel blocks fronting an artificial beach.









Intercontinental Beach Resort - Overwater Bungalows

The Overwater Bungalows are split into two categories: Motu Bungalows are located on the small island fronting the resort. Lagoon Overwater Bungalows are located at the southern end of the property and are built out over the lagoon.

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