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When people think about exotic holiday destination, the Caribbean is always on top of the list. This is due to the fact that the finest beaches in the whole world are located there. What’s more, the weather is gorgeous all year round and the water is so clear that you can see the sand beneath your feet.

luxury beach in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

But where is the exact place in the area that one can truly have a pleasant and memorable holidays? A place where the beach and scenery are magnificent and the accommodation is just as superb? Well, look no further than the Dominican Republic. The place offer great vacation experience that you will treasure forever.

Dominican Republic is a country located on the Caribbean island of La Espanola, sharing island with Haiti. The Spanish is the second largest island in the archipelago of the Antilles, to be located west of Puerto Rico and east of Cuba and Jamaica.

Dominicans sometimes refer to their island as Quisqueya, a name for La Espanola used by the indigenous Taino which means “mother of all lands”.

If somebody ask you for the Dominican Republic, for certain that the first thing you think are at beaches and hotels / resorts all inclusive, but Dominican Republic is much more than sun and sand. Beginning from Santo Domingo, founded in 1496 was the first city in the new world; it opens the doors to the monumental route, with its colonial zone declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

For those interested in visiting the Dominican Republic, you can get your stay with all kinds of luxuries in one of the exclusive resorts of the Dominican Republic, all of which are located mainly in Punta Cana and Puerto Plata, but on the contrary, if you like more adventure, this country has so many cultural blends, wildlands, beautiful landscapes and personality are worth explore it in depth, being the most southwestern Dominican Republic, the most unknown on the island and with fewer tourists, a region severely depressed economically, but for its diversity of landscapes, make it next to the Samana area, the place with more charm and magic of the country.

So, where to stay once there? If you want the best, you can choose from these three of the top Dominican Republic hotels:

1. Dreams Palm Beach Hotel, Punta Cana

dreams palm beach dominican republic

Dreams Palm Beach Hotel Punta Cana

Time spent at Dreams Palm Beach on the sun drenched east coast of the Dominican Republic is an idyllic haven for singles, couples and families. It’s a friendly, utterly relaxing world comprised of gorgeous beaches, a majestic turquoise sea and most importantly, the special feeling of being welcomed as an honored guest with all the privileges of Unlimited-Luxury® — where everything is included.

Room accommodations differ from the number of occupants, but all of them have their own balconies, television sets, mini bars, and round the clock room and concierge service.

There are 8 restaurants to choose from so you have many options when it comes to the type of food and settings that you want. And for the activities in the hotel, there is the nightly entertainment show and different water sports to enjoy.

Dreams Palm Beach also have a world-class fitness and spa center where you can work out or simply have pleasure in the spa treatment that they exclusively give to their guests. Daytime activities for kids and teens are also available.

2. Velero Beach Resort, Cabarete, DR

Dominican republic Beach resorts

Velero Beach Resort, Cabarete, DR

This beach resort is one of the most beautiful places to stay in while on holiday. It is situated not far from the Puerto Plata airport so it only takes around 20 minutes to get to the hotel. Velero beach resort is famous for their kite-surfing activity.

The beachfront is exquisite and their rooms are condo-hotel style. All the 50 available rooms have terraces where guests can view the sparkling blue ocean. The rooms are also equipped with Wi-FI internet connection, television, air conditioning, and safety deposit box.

The food being served in this hotel are scrumptious and you can choose from more than one type of cuisine. The hotel staffs are friendly, accommodating, and give excellent service.

You can try one, two, or all of these activities: Kite surfing, boating, snorkeling, wind surfing, horseback riding, swimming

3. Moon Palace Resort Hotel

moon palace dominican republic

Moon Palace Resort Hotel

This is a popular resort and considered as one of the most excellent Dominican Republic hotels because guests can stay at the luxurious rooms, eat delectable meals, drink on the bar, and have fun while watching the shows every night, without worrying about the bill.

And, it is not just easy on the pocket but the kind of retreat that you will experience in this place is a relaxing and enjoyable one where money is not a hindrance.

The ten restaurants found inside its vicinity serve different kinds of cuisines such as Japanese, Italian, Asian, American, and many more. The dinner or lunches are also very affordable despite being high quality and delicious.

Finally, the Moon Palace Resort hotel is simply a wonderful hotel with all the amenities that you will surely get pleasure from. So, when you want an unforgettable holiday with your family or special one, minus the soaring expenses, this hotel is for you.


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