Top South Africa Attractions 

Cape Town - South Africa

The Republic of South Africa is known for being a diverse nation, particularly in culture, religious beliefs and languages. In fact, it has eleven official languages – a record surpassed only by India. South Africa attractions are world-renowned and hard to surpass, too, making South Africa a truly interesting country and a great holiday destination.





Kruger National Park - Crocodile Bridge

Kruger National Park is one of the most popular South Africa attractions, as well as one of the premier safari destinations in the world. It offers a variety of safaris, such as romantic safaris for honeymooners, family safaris and even luxury safaris, all of which provide tourists with the opportunity to observe the Big Five – the elephants, rhinoceros, lions, leopards and buffalo – as they fight for survival in their panoramic natural environment.





Addo National Park

Tourists spending holidays in South Africa can also visit Addo National Park, which is the perfect place to enjoy a close-up encounter with herds of African elephants. Over the years, the park’s elephant population has increased from just eleven to several hundreds, joined by other animals like black rhinos and spotted hyenas. The park has a marine section, too, where one can spot whales and great white sharks.





Berlin Falls - South Africa

Berlin Falls

There are also many beautiful waterfalls which you can visit during your holidays in South Africa, most of which can be found in Mpumalanga. These South Africa attractions include the Bridal Veil Falls, the spectacular Berlin Falls, the unusual-looking Horseshoe Falls and the 92-metre high Lisbon Falls, the highest waterfall in the area. Other scenic falls can be found in KwaZulu Natal and the Drakensberg mountains.





World Heritage Sites

There are cultural World Heritage Sites in South Africa, too, the most popular of which is the Cradle of Humankind located in the Gauteng province. This is one of the largest and most impressive fossil sites in the world, with more than three dozen fossil-bearing caves, the most famous of which is the Sterkfontein Cave. Little Foot, the only complete Australopithecus skeleton in the world which is said to be 3.3 million years old, was discovered here in 1994.





Sun City

For an extravagant weekend, there is no better place to go than Sun City, which is not just one of the most popular South Africa attractions but also one of the best resorts in the world. Here, tourists can stay at the luxurious Palace of the Lost City, play golf in one of two world-class courses, pamper themselves with a variety of spa treatments or spend the whole day with their families at the Valley of Waves waterpark.





Cape Winelands

Indeed, South Africa has more to offer than just elephants, lions and rhinos. It even produces some of the best wines in the world, which you can sample at the enchanting Cape Winelands. There are plenty of other interesting South Africa attractions, too, so don’t let the poverty or the risk of malaria keep you from visiting. Rather, pack your bags – and your bug repellant – and be ready for an adventure of a lifetime.

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